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Health Services

Internal Medicine


Our patients are at the forefront of a healthcare revolution in primary care. Our vision is to proactively improve your health through the patient-centered care provided by our medical home staff.


  • Routine care
  • Preventive care
  • Geriatric consultative services for patients with complex medical conditions
  • Inpatient care
  • Acute care
  • Services are provided for National Guard and other active duty who are TDY or just PCSed to Fort Carson

Who Can Be Seen Here

  • Active Duty Military
  • TRICARE Prime
  • TRICARE Plus
  • TRICARE For Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What can I expect at my appointment?
A. The time during your appointment can go very fast so come prepared with a list of priorities to go over with your provider.

Q. What if I have more than one problem?
A. Your provider can go over your problems, but you need to prioritize them so you get the most important answers first. Generally speaking, you can plan the following during a 20 minute appointment: 1 complex problem, or 2 simple problems, or 3 or 4 chronic problems.

Q. What should I do before I come?
A. If you see any other providers in between your visits here, please bring information from those appointments.
A. Check your medications to see if you need refills.
A. Make a list of all medications you take…that includes over-the-counter medications, supplements and herbs.
A. Get your lab tests done in advance so your provider has the information at your visit.

Q. What if my provider wrote a referral and I haven’t heard anything?
A. You can look up your referral information on TRICARE on line.
A. You can call UnitedHealth care.
A. You can call the care line and ask them about your referral. They will send a message to the provider asking the status of the referral. One of the clinic nurses will get back to you as soon as possible.



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Contact Us

Internal Medicine


Monday - Friday from 7:50 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Closed: All Federal Holidays and Selected Training Holidays






Internal Medicine
Evans Army Community Hospital
1650 Cochrane Cir
BLDG 7500 , First Floor , Room 1310
Fort Carson, Colorado 80913

Get Directions


Once Inside

The Internal Medicine Clinic is located on the ground floor of the main hospital. Patients should park in the “A” parking lot (red signs) on the west side of the hospital; enter the main west entrance and walk past the patient advocacy office. The Internal Medicine Clinic will be on the ground floor across from the Main Pharmacy.
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