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About Us

About Us

The U.S. Army Medical Department Activity – Fort Carson (MEDDAC) is the Army Medicine command that operates Evans Army Community Hospital and manages its 2,300 military and civilian personnel. The hospital is the key component of the Colorado Springs Military Health System. The CMHS is a single, integrated military healthcare delivery system. It strives to be the model of an integrated military healthcare system, delivering health and value for its beneficiaries and stakeholders.

The 92-bed Evans hospital serves an enrolled population of over 70,000 and supports about 3,500 outpatient visits every day. Other typical daily statistics include 137 emergency room visits, 6 births, 21 operating room cases, 41 inpatients, and 3,300 prescriptions filled.

The MEDDAC also manages 16 outlying clinics and teams. The three DiRaimondo Clinics – Soldier-Centered Medical Homes -- provide healthcare and medical services to Fort Carson’s soldiers. The Mountain Post Behavioral Health Clinic and its five embedded BH teams provide a full-range of behavioral health services. Also on Fort Carson are the Robinson Family Medicine Clinic and a preventive medicine clinic. Two clinics, the Premier and Mountain Post Medical Homes, offer convenient community-based locations for many TRICARE beneficiaries. The command also oversees three occupational health clinics at Army facilities in Pueblo, Colo., and in Utah.

MEDDAC is focused on Readiness and Health -- the readiness and health of Fort Carson’s and MEDDAC’s Soldiers; Healthcare Delivery -- innovative healthcare promoting, improving, conserving, or restoring the behavioral and physical well-being of those entrusted to our care; Force Development -- developing agile and adaptive leaders who achieve success; Taking Care of Ourselves - each other, our Soldiers for Life, DA Civilians & Families -- people are our strength and we will continue to take care of them. We will treat each other and all with dignity and respect.