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Population Health Management

The Evans Army Community Hospital (EACH) Population Health Management Nurse is a main resource for health promotion and disease prevention activities. EACH Population Health Team manages patient populations and ensures appropriate preventive care services as recommended by the U. S. Preventive Services Task Force.

Population Health Management Services

Preventive care services include health screenings, checkups, and other medical procedures to prevent illnesses, disease, or other health problems. If you are due for a preventive screening listed below, please contact your healthcare team by:

Breast Cancer Screening

Active-duty service members at Fort Carson can schedule a Mammogram appointment with radiology at Evans Army Community Hospital by calling 719-526-2273. Family members or retirees, do not need a referral for routine breast cancer screening at Evans Army Community Hospital or off post in the TRICARE Network.

Self-Referral Mammography is also available at any Colorado Military Health System Radiology Department- Call the appointment line to schedule your Mammography at (719) 524-2273 or (719) 526-2273. You can also use this link to find a TRICARE Network provider: https://www.tricare-west.com/content/hnfs/home/tw/bene/symbolic_links/nw-prov-dir-app.html

Preventive Care Timeline  

Annual Wellness Visit (Ages 18+): Once a year

Colorectal Cancer Screening (Ages 45-75):

  • Colonoscopy: Every 10 years (unless doctor orders sooner)
  • Flexible Sig: Every 5 years
  • CT Colon: Every 5 years
  • FIT-DNA: Every 3 years

 Breast Cancer Screening (Age 40+ & Ages 50-74):

  • Mammogram: every 2 years unless doctor orders sooner
  • BREAST CANCER SCREENING RECOMMENDED every 2 years starting at age 50+ and is a covered Tricare Benefit starting at age 40 (Early Screening: patient/primary care provider discuss - review risks/family/personal history.)
  • Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations

 Cervical Cancer Screening (Ages 21-64):

  • PAP Smear (Ages 21-65): Once every 3 years
  • HPV  + PAP Smear (Ages 30-65): Once every 5 years

 Chlamydia Screening (Ages 16-24): Once per year  
Diabetes Screening (Ages 18+): Annual, unless Diabetic

Note: If you have already completed a Preventive Exam such as Mammogram, Colonoscopy, Pap/HPV simply notify your PCM and provide the report so the team can update your chart.  Updates to screening status: address PCM via PAS message/or per MHS Genesis patient portal message.

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Population Health Management
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